Our healthy honeybees are near Ottawa in an area where there is no commercial farming; therefore, the bees are not near a pesticide spray area. The bees feed on a variety of wildflowers like clover, goldenrod, and apple blossoms.  The honey is collected regularly, strained once, and then put into jars which go straight to our customers.​​

​​About Us

In addition to producing honey and beeswax, bees pollinate the plants that produce fruits, vegetables and nuts worldwide. Unfortunately, pesticide use, genetically-modified, pre-coated seed practices, parasites, and Colony Collapse Disorder have reduced the number of bees available to carry out this important function.​

​​About The Bees

Above is our simple table set-up of honey and pure beeswax candles, with Dave, The Beekeeper, at the helm!

​​​​​​Harvest Honey is an Ottawa-based green company carrying unpasteurized local honey, creamed honey, buckwheat honey, bee pollen, honeycomb squares, chocolate honey, lemon-honey lozenges, plain honey soap, and pure beeswax candles.  We sell at the Beechwood Farmers Market every Saturday June through October and around town at various "foodie" and craft fair events.

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​We subscribe to simple, recyclable packaging in keeping with our green philosophy.

More general information on Beekeeping can be found at www.EOBA.ca (The Eastern Ontario Beekeepers Association), who meet regularly.