​Beautiful Beekeeper David Lyons, is a registered beekeeper in the Province of Ontario. Dave and his wife Ruth live in Ottawa and work hard to promote education about the importance of honeybees in our global ecosystem.  Harvest Honey sells and ships the best raw honey you'll find anywhere.

The bees are maintained in a remote country setting away from commercial spraying and pesticides.  The bees feed on a natural diet of wildflowers around the farm.  This delivers notes of clover, apple blossom, goldenrod and ever-changing wildflowers.  The honey is thick with pollen, enzymes, and antioxidants.  It is not boiled (pasteurized) or blended.  For a few ideas click on how to add honey into your diet or your beauty regimen click on 

Recipes for Body & Soul 

Honey Storage:

      Store liquid honey in a dark corner of your kitchen cupboard and it should last for years.  Avoid boiling and microwaving which will destroy beneficial enzymes and will chemically change the structure and the taste of the honey.

     Refrigerating your honey will encourage crystallisation.  If you need to renew a crystallising jar, place it in a pan of hot tap water for about 15 minutes.  Wipe the area clean.  Crystallized honey is not the enemy, is no different than regular honey, and can easily be used in tea.

For a bit more on crystallisation click here Why Does Honey Crystallize?

​​​​     Our unpasteurized honey is bottled quickly after collection from the beehive.  It is strained once, and then poured directly into honey jars.


     Honey's reported benefits date back to ancient history.  It is noteworthy that John the Baptist was reported in Matthew 3:4 as living on a diet of locusts and wild honey.  In 1923, during the 'Carter excavations in Egypt' viable Honey was found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun.  The Honey found in the tomb was still soft and viable, after 3500 years!  

    As our western seasons progress, the color, aroma, flavor, and water content of local honey changes.  Honey in June may not taste the same or look the same as honey collected in October, because the bees feed on different flowers at different times of the year.​

Our only products needing refrigeration are Cinnamon-Honey-Butter and Creamed Honey.  Unfortunately, this requirement makes them IMPRACTICAL for shipping.

Unrupulous honey operators have been known to add sugar, liquid glucose, water, food dye, preservatives, thickeners, and antibiotics to create a false impression of a high-quality honey product.  These products are often found at 'big-box' stores around the world, whose priorities are often profits over product.  If you care about what your family eats, make sure to discuss these issues with your bee-keeper!​​

Best Practices


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We will ship anywhere, (pending foreign import regulations) usually next business day. 

NOTE:  Honey and beeswax candles are heavy products requiring careful bulk packaging, and may increase the cost of your order considerably.  Our worldwide feedback tells us that the cost is well worth the investment!

For a shipping quote to anywhere in the world, send the order quantities and destination information by clicking Contact Page or email us at sales@harvesthoney.com.

​​Dave, the Beekeeper

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