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​​Our unpasteurized honey is bottled quickly after collection from the beehive.  It is strained once, and then poured directly into honey jars.  

Unpasteurized Honey is NOT boiled, and NOT blended with a mixture of unidentified honey sources from around the world.

Unscrupulous honey operators have been found to add glucose, water, food dye, and antibiotics to create a false impression of a high-quality honey product.  These products are often found at 'big-box' stores around the world.  


DAVE, THE BEEKEEPER, is usually at Harvest Honey's weekend Market Locations & Seasonal Craft Fairs around Ottawa.

Honeybees feed on advantageous sources of pollen around their particular beehive, making Honey a natural resource of almost infinite variety.  It is one of the only things that nature produces in such abundance that its excess serves the nutritional needs of humans, as well.  

Unpasteurized Honey is packed with anti-oxidants and beneficial enzymes.

Its reported benefits date back to Biblical times.  In 1923, during the 'Carter excavations in Egypt' viable Honey was found in the tomb of King Tutankhamun.  The Honey found in the tomb was still soft and viable, after 3500 years!  

As our western seasons progress, the color, aroma, flavor, and water content of local honey changes.  Honey in June may not taste the same or look the same as honey collected in October, because the bees feed on different flowers at different times of the year.

NOTE:  Heating, boiling, microwaving and re-frigeration, will, OF COURSE, destroy beneficial enzymes and will chemically change the structure and the taste of the honey.

To prevent this from happening, DO NOT REFRIGERATE HONEY.  THIS WILL ENCOURAGE CRYSTALLISATION.  Keep honey in a dark corner of your kitchen cupboard and it will last for years.  

Our only product needing refrigeration is Cinnamon-Honey-Butter.  It is 60% (sixty percent) butter, and it must be treated like a pound of butter out on the counter. It has about a 3-day shelf-life outside the fridge, making it IMPRACTICAL for bulk gift-giving, shipping, or long-distance distribution.

We will ship anywhere, usually next business day.  

  • email us your order
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NOTE:  A reminder 

that honey and beeswax candles are heavy products requiring careful handling.

Having your order shipped will increase the cost considerably.

For a worldwide shipping quote, email us at: sales@harvesthoney.com

Our weekly market table opens June 11, 2016 at the Beechwood Farmers Market, 131 Barrette St., Ottawa East near the Vanier Parkway.

ALSO, click on the Calendar to see the numerous outdoor markets and craft fairs we will be serving in upcoming weeks.  It fills up as the year progresses.

To avoid disappointment you are encouraged to email your honey order ahead of time and pick it up on Saturday morning at the Beechwood Farmers Market.  

TBe sure to stock up for the winter, for honey, cinnamon-honey-butter, chocolate honey, creamed honey, and candle orders, as the business is closed December 15 to April 15.

A 20% discount applies to any orders of 1 Case x 12 jars of honey or 1 Case x 12 of the same candle design 

These discounts are helpful to restaurant owners, spa operators, wedding planners, "Green-Minded" Brides, Event Organizers, Professional Fund-Raisers, and Local Deli-Markets who care BIG-TIME about their level of Organic Purity in their products.

Multi-case orders may take up to 7 business days to prepare and deliver.  

Wholesale Prices include:  

  • taxes

  • delivery within the downtown region of the City of Ottawa

​We will be happy to arrange worldwide shipping.  Email us for a quote.

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​​Dave, the Beekeeper

Factoids About Unpasteurized Honey

Harvest Honey accepts:

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20% discount applies to

  • purchase of a case (12 jars) of any honey product
  • any 12 candles of the same design
  • multiple case orders may take up to 7 business days to prepare and deliver
  • See our PRODUCTS page for prices

H A R V E S T    H O N E Y

Ottawa, Ontario

Tel:  (613) 316-4801

Email:  sales@harvesthoney.com​

​Beautiful Beekeeper David Lyons, is a registered beekeeper in the Province of Ontario. Dave and his wife Ruth promote education about the importance of honeybees in our ecosystem and sell the best raw honey you'll taste in the Ottawa Valley.

The bees are maintained in the best-possible natural setting that produces a magnificent set of floral notes, viscosity and pollen.  

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Welcome to the 2016 Season!

You've come to the right place to find the best raw, unpasteurized, local honey, honey products, and beeswax candles.  The bees live on a pesticide-free property near Ottawa.  The honey carries notes of Ontario wildflowers, and is rich in colour, texture, and anti-oxidants.  Our season is mid-April through mid-December.

You can find us June 11 to end of October at: